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Monday, 28 November 2011


As a writer it's something we are supposed to avoid, and I can see why - clichés are unoriginal, usually cheesy and empty sentiments that mean nothing to anyone unless they're in a sickly greetings card. And I am a bit tired of hearing them. 

Recently amid bad luck, a lot of change and a few blues, I have heard just about every cliché going. I'm told my family's bad luck is because 'everything happens for a reason', though of course luck doesn't come into it because 'you make your own luck', and despite still being single and slightly lacking in having men fall at my feet (though really, who wants that?) 'he will pop up when I least expect it' and is 'out there somewhere'. Erm, out where? 

Of course I appreciate the sentiment that people are trying to get across, but a bit of real advice goes a long way. No one has all the answers - it's just nice to care enough to try.

While we're on it, if anyone has some spare luck kicking about (you know, that stuff you're all busy making), chuck it my way - apparently, what goes around comes around...