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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Creating creativity...

A bit of a random one, and a short one, but it's good to share.

I am a ma-hoo-sive fan of this artist: Sabrina Ward Harrison. She got me through Art and Photography, simultaneously, at college (high B's in both, thank ye very much). She helped me realise what kind of art I like, and that photography is art, and that the two merged together makes Judy-style art. From wall hangings to weird little cubes to scanning in Barbie dolls, I loved being creative with as many materials as possible and making it personal along the way.

Spilling Open: The Art of Being Yourself
was my favourite book throughout college and still now; a creative diary full of sensitive, personal, delicate artworks exploring life, love and loss, it became my aspiration to be able to produce something equally in depth and characteristic. I'm not sure I've got there yet, but one day I'd like to...

"I think when I can get to that place of self-acceptance and a sense of calm assurance in who I genuinely am, if I can believe in who I am, what I need, what I deserve, and what I must express, then I can let go of the struggle of self-acceptance based on their approval of my beauty, boobs, thighs or sketchbooks. I will dare to do just what I do. Be just what I am. And dance whenever I want to."

Sabrina Ward Harrison

Images from artist's website


  1. I love this! Hadn't heard of her before but will look into her work further.

    Yay for our arty blog posts :)

  2. Hehe I know yours reminded me that I had posted it. I absolutely adore her! x