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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Being a massive Becky Bloomwood fan, I went along to see Confessions of a Shopaholic this week. It was already a risky choice as I have given up shopping for lent, so it was kind of like taking an alcoholic to a pub, but I have been waiting for this film for a long long time!

Sophie Kinsella's fantastic and infamous Shopaholic books are hilarious, and every girl I know who's read them is convinced that Becky Bloomwood just 'is' them - including me. Her humour, her romantic side, her got-to-have-it shopping mantra are all things us girls understand. So, the film had a lot to live up to... question is, did it pass the test?

Thankfully, it did. Expecting it to be disappointingly different, with our British Becky Bloomwood being replaced by an American, and the dashing Luke played by a Brit, I was gleefully surprised when actually, it worked really well. Isla Fisher gave a fantastic performance as the gushing, fashionista journalist, who's 'magic cards' (credit cards) were maxed out due to her shopping addiction. She was very much like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, with a butter-wouldn't-melt voice and wide eyes, but with a sweetness that us readers all know and love. Hugh Dancy is the latest dreamboat to hit the screens, playing Luke Brandon with humour and a sensitive side.

The best scene in the film is the dancing between Luke and Becky when they are abroad - there won't be a dry eye in the cinema as Becky freestyles with her fan. Turning books into a film is always risky and there's a strong chance of spoiling what was so great about the story in the first place - but the only way they'll ruin this is if they don't make the sequels.


  1. Wow thats cool. Its so nice when something exceeds your expectations. Sounds absolutely divine.
    And well done for giving up shopping for lent. I gave up crisps. sad compaired to yours. My sister gave up shopping for a whole year. I dont know how she did it. x

  2. Stopping by to show some love on your blog. you have great writing skills, keep it up.


  3. fabulous1: Most clever people I know have given up food - at least there's always something else you can replace it with! I'm glad to say I've kept it up - but the sales are definitely waving at me...

    Cliff: Thank you! I'm afraid I've been neglecting it a little... I will certainly be posting again soon!