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Monday, 26 January 2009

Better late than never

OK so January's nearly over and all you once-guilty, now redeemed people are looking forward to the end of your detox and the beginning of the usual cocktails, crisps and couch-potato-ing. I, on the other hand, have had a great month filled with, well, cocktails, crisps and a little couch potatoness.

However. The problem with this is that I am now working in the health, beauty and wellness industry and have decided that really I should practice what I preach. What's more, I want one of those bikini bodies that you see in the glossies for this summer so I need less of the naughtiness and more of the goodness (thankfully, clubbing counts as exercise so long as I go easy on the cocktails... or so I believe).

So, short of getting a little liposuction like those glossy stars, I fully intend to start exercising (aside from the clubbing), and while everyone goes back to their terrible ways til next January, I will start as I mean to go on (this does not affect the consumption of cake, though, as it is a fundamental aspect of tea-drinking).

My new favourite thing in my new-found life? Power Plates. Having tried them only once so far, and despite my headache post-vibrations, the aching muscles for the few days after reminded me that actually, I do have tummy muscles- they've just been hiding. And that actually, work-out pain is the best pain there is because it is so rewarding. Well, it will be when I look like Jessica Alba!

Support will be much appreciated during this new adventure so feel free to take up some new exercise regime and join me. For a little inspiration, see what the professionals have to say here.

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